Hi. Well you have come to learn about me? Cool. Okay about me. My name is Shannon Dyan. I live in the state of New York. I am 17 year's old. I am a Christian. I was baptised at a United Methodist Church. Then I was saved at a community church. I believe in Heaven and Hell. I love writing poetry and short stories.

I have a younger brother whose name is Donnie. He's my foster brother, but we act just like real brother and sister. He is 14 year's old. I have an older sister, her name is Devin. She is 19! She is married to a really nice guy named Steven. I was the maid of honor in the wedding. I have a brother whose 21 he has two kids Sarah 4 years, Matthew 1 ˝ year, and one in my sister in law's tummy. My sister in law is Jennifer. She's also 20. Then I have my Mom and Dad. They are the best parent's. I couldn't ask for anything better then I have when it come's to them. I have gotten very extreamly close with my mom =] and I'm really close with my dad these day's too. My parents have been married for almost 22 years! I have a gram on my dad's side. My grandpa died when I was little. He is up in Heaven watchin down on my whole family! I have my mom's parents Grama and Gramp's. I have a pcitures of when I was younger.

Okay now for the Pet's! I got a kitten for my birthday from my sister Devin and brother in law Steven. I named her Star. She is the most adorable kitten I've ever seen :) She has extreamly big ear's. I think that they are really cute on her. I dont have a picture on here of her yet but I have one that looks almost identicle to her. I will post it some time. Anyways, Star has managed to whean herself into my life so much, that I have to say she is my life. I have teached her how to use a litter pan (believe me it was not an easy task either). Even though she wakes me up every night a trillion time's Im still thankful that I have her. She's like my little girl, I spoil her just as much as I would a real human baby. She even took over my baby blanket. Anyways I just wanted to tell you some about her seems she is a huge part of my life!!!! :)
I have a bird of my very own. His name is Pauly Fegero. Pauly is a paraket. He has purple cheeks. He is my bird. Then there is Beacher. The family bird. Beacher is a cockateal. Beacher can talk, bark, say his name, kiss, and knock so it sounds like someones at the door. Then there is Smokey. Somkey's the family cat. I think that she is semi human almost. She is a smart cookie. Beacher is like our watch dog. Well she purrrrs at stranger's but we dont have a dog so she take's the place of the watch dog.

This summer was pretty great. I passed of my classes for my sophmore year. I am a Junior now. I am taking alot of elective classes this year. I

I also wanted to add about my collection of Angel's. I have alot of them in my bedroom. I am collecting them. I have plastic, glass, wood, fabric, and lots more. I like poems about Angel's. I have a big poster that has angel quoet's on it. I like to draw angels also. They are the most peacefull beautiful things I have ever in my whole life seen =]

I'd also like to tell you about August 29, 1998. My sister got married to a gentalmen named Steven. I am so glad that they got married, not only because Steve is a nice guy but because he treats my sister good and makes her a very happy person. If you want to see some of the wedding pictures you can see them by pressing here. I made a special page for a friend that I lost in '95. Please visit her memorial page.

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