My Grandpa

I never really got to know my grandfather. But I hear alot of storie's about him all the time. His name was Ike. He used to run a farm with all sort's of animal's on it. My dad love's telling me storie's about the farm. I wish that I had gotten to know him. I was around 2 when he passed away.

A Poem for Grandpa

Life on a Farm

You see what a farm is about?
It's about good time's and bad time's
It's about cow's and bell's
Bull's and horn's, with pig's and
smell's, Hourse's and shed's
full of grain and hey for their bed's
Life on a farm is good in all way's
it's fun sneezing in hey
Driving the tracker to make a living
Kid's and baby Chick's playing in pond's
Good meal's and hole made pie's
backed with the thought of family time
It's about familie's and love
sent from the great Lord above.
A farm is a family, with pig's and mud.