April 1st 1998
Wind & Rain
wind and rain
love and pain
what is it
you think we could gain?
love so deep
rip and tear
pain so sweet
bring a tear
wind so harsh
yet soothing to the air
rain so clear
yet much unseen

roads of lenth heal times so long
when we cant escape from the pain
run so hard no wind to breath
break my heart like porcelin
go and hide heed all pain
love is long as time is made

freshness fills the air
as i see a tear drop fall into the air
why do you cry,
is it because you told a lie?
didnt you listen to what they said?
tell the truth, and have nothing to fear!
it is day light, the sun is bright
let it dry up your eye
it is okay to cry
just dont be blind or vulnerable
your not hard to find.
Evil Eye
evil eye
I look with a cry
evil eye
why do you smile?
evil eye
is what I know.
evil eye
must you look at me so.

soft feather tickles my nose.
while out side the storm blows
wood on fire
keep me warm
safe from harm
that might come my way
hold me tight
whisper suductiviely
tell me you think it will be alright

Glitter Angel
Glitter Angel
Spread your wings
let them shine
you are so divine
Glitter your love
through the night
make the stars
shimmer bright.

flicke flacke
go the lights
so i can see you
behind her eyes

April 30, 1998

Angel's are so soft.
They're skin made of silk.
They're smile made of gold.
They're heart's made without
A limit of love to give.
An Angel's love is so real.
They can help sick men heal.
Angel's live forever,
and there love will never end.
They give it unconditionaly.
Without a second thought of
who or why they are giving it
so freely too.
An angel's love has no limit.
That is why they so freely give

God's Love
Level's of love are tested
from the Lord up above,
to see if we can take
what is handed to us.
Sometime's it is handed
to us not on a golden platter
but on a rusty old dish.
Sometime's we get handed
exactly what we wished.
But have trust in him,
and you will experience unconditional love.
Which is given upon the
highest level there is.

In Your Eye's
In your eye's I see crystal clear sea's.
In your eye's the night is so clear,
when I look into them I see star's dancing.
I see the moon smiling.
I get lost in those eye's.
So beautiful and fill with possiblitie's.
When I look into your eye's I see a forever,
when I thought there could never be an ever.
I get so lost in them eye's.
They are as glourious as can be.
In your eye's I see crystal clear sea's.

Promises are hard to keep.
Without anyone to help me speak.
Lie's are easy to be made.
Closing my eye's and warping
back in time.
I still feel the expression frozen in time.

Child why do you act that way?
Are you nervous, or don't you dare say?
Child why do you sing that way?
Are you performing, or are you distant that way?
Are you hurting, or putting the pain away?
Child why do you hide from me?
Are you scared I might come your way?
Don't worry child.
I won't hurt you.
I will scare all evil away.
So you can live again.

In Rememberance
Close your eye's
think of me
listen to the sound of silence
remember me
and how I used to be
think of me
not far away
just close your eye's
and I am there
in your heart
there is nothing to fear.
Level of Life
When your soul is hurt,
and you feel like nothing's real
just think of him
and you will start to heal.
He shine's the sun so bright
to bring to you
a day of delight.
He can heal shattered soul's,
and he can mend broken hole's.
He lived for us, and still live's on.
So think of him,
and your heart can see life further on.

What is handed to you on a golden
platter isn't alway's gold.
What is handed to you on a rusty
platter isn't alway's rust.
Just put up your hand's and
except what you get, because
you may never get that chance again.

Sitting here thinking
what should I look at?
It is not nice to stare.
That look's neat,
but I do fear.
What if they see me,
what will I have to bear?
As long as I sit in my chair,
I shouldn't fear.
But that's when he came after me,
with a spear.
Now I have nothing to fear.
As I look at you
from way up here.

It Was Just a Dream
It was just a dream.
Or so I say.
I just couldn't imagine
being treated that way.

It was just a dream.
Or so I pray.
I don't even want to think
about that day.

It was just a dream.
Or so I may.
Just wish to be
invisable forever since that day.

It was just a dream.
Or so I say.
I just can't handel
remembering that day.

It was just a dream.
Or so I pray.
I don't listen
to a word they say.

It was just a dream.
Or so I may.
Just disappear
and forever be far away.

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